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Air Conditioner Fails

Posted in Cooling on June 6, 2018

We all know that staying cool in the hot Southern summers is vital. So much so, that though it seems ordinary to us, a Northerner might think it’s overkill to have as many air conditioning units per capita as we do. But the fact remains, if you want to keep energy bills as low as possible, it’s best to have an upstairs system, a downstairs system, and maybe even a window unit for your basement. And as odd as it sounds to us, there are homes north of the Mason-Dixon line that have one single window unit to keep their entire home comfortable. If only it were that easy. Whether you’re in the dry desert heat of the West or the jungle-like climate of the South, you want to keep cool. And there are people who will go to extreme lengths to accomplish this goal.

Mobile A/C units

Let’s start with A/C in your car. If you grew up in riding or driving in a hot car that didn’t have a working air conditioner, you can probably relate to this driver. Honestly, growing up would have been much cooler with this homemade version.

When You Must Have That Cool Air

There are also people that are so desperate for some air conditioning, that it doesn’t matter how fragile or delicate the set-up is, it just needs to blow cool air. I guess I understand. He better hope that doesn’t fall!

Being Creative Is Usually Good

If your A/C in the office has ever failed you, then you’re probably familiar with doing what it takes to make sure you’re not hot. Although this isn’t a fail, it’s still quite interesting, if not inventive. Notice how the user put the cold objects behind the fan, instead of in front. It’s smart, so they won’t thaw out as quickly as if the fan were blowing warm air onto them. Critical thinking is important in situations like these.

Stay Cool, But Do Your Part

While we advocate having cool, comfortable air in any indoor environment, sometimes you may have to draw the line when it comes to the environment. But this company has thrown environmental awareness to the wind. “Who cares about the environment,” they say, “we just want your air conditioner to be tundra cold, so we can take your money.”

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