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Almanac Prediction: Winter is Coming! Get Your System Checked Today!

Posted in General, Heating, HVAC on November 3, 2021

Prevention is the best medicine – or so we’ve all been told. The theory behind this is that if you can prepare something to be ready when a less than desirable event occurs, you’ll come out of it all the better. This is true with many things in life, and especially with homeownership. If the Farmer’s Almanac predictions of super cold, teeth-chattering, harsh winter are going to come true, it’s best to have your system checked before the cold weather approaches. I mean, sure you could get your system checked in January when everyone is deciding it’s a good idea to do so. But why not prepare for the potential brutality of winter now?

Is Your HVAC System Ready?

It does seem that the over last few winters, various almanacs have been spot-on when it comes to their predictions. That said, is your HVAC system ready for a few feet of snow or sub-freezing temperatures? Chances are, you have no idea. And why would you? You’re not an HVAC expert. (Unless you are, in which case, you may stop reading now.) If you’re not quite sure the last time (if ever) your heating system was checked, it’s strongly recommended to do so prior to the cold snap. Even if it doesn’t get too cold this winter, it’s still a great idea to get it checked, and possibly even a tune-up.

Where is the Nice Weather?

Cold weather is a fickle beast. During the summer, you long for cold weather because of the oppressive heat. But when it does get actually cold, those 90° days are a distant memory, and you’re unable to remember why you wanted colder temps in the first place. That’s where your HVAC system comes into play and why it’s so important. It keeps your home and family comfortable despite extreme weather. However, that’s only true if you take care of it.

The Difference CoolMasters Offers

Maintaining your HVAC units on a regular basis is the cornerstone of them operating efficiently. There are quite a few moving parts that require the expertise of a professional HVAC contractor. These seemingly minute details aren’t something to be taken lightly. Contractors have the capacity to save you loads of your hard-earned cash by performing routine maintenance on your system. The small cost of preventative maintenance would pale in comparison to the price of replacing a neglected HVAC system. No matter whether it be a single A/C unit, compressor, or furnace.

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