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We all know how unpredictable the weather can be in Atlanta, Georgia. We experience hot, humid summers, cold winters, and everything in between depending on the season. One day it may be 65 degrees outside, but the next day you will need a winter coat! Because we are subject to these varying temperatures, it is important to have a quality Atlanta HVAC company you can trust. Here at Cool Masters, we are always looking for ways to help our customers save money. This is why we came up with this list of energy saving tips to help you shrink your power bill year-round!


Maintenance - Regular inspections and maintenance on air conditioners and furnaces keeps your equipment running at optimum performance. Efficient equipment uses less energy to warm and cool your home.
Check for Leaks - Look around your home and see if windows and doors allow any air to escape. Sealing these leaks lowers power bills and keeps homes comfortable.
Make use of your curtains - Keep your curtains open during winter so heat from the sun can help warm your home. Keep them closed during the summer.
Open windows when possible - If it is comfortable outside, turn off your heating and cooling equipment and open the windows.
Insulation - Proper home insulation keeps air trapped inside your house.
Tint - Window tinting can reduce solar heat up to 80%! This is a smart way to lower summer power bills.
Programmable Thermostats - Set a programmable thermostat to use less energy when you are not home and when it is comfortable outside.

Try out these ideas and see how much you can save on your energy bill! If you need to schedule an appointment for heat pump, furnace or air conditioning repair services, feel free to give us a call! As your trusted Atlanta HVAC company, we are to manage all your heating and cooling needs.

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