During harsh summer months, it’s critical to have someone to go to for 24-hour emergency AC repair, so you’re not left burning in the summer heat. This is why you should enlist the help of us the home AC repair service pros at Cool Masters. We’ve served the area for more than 45 years, so you can trust as a dependable and knowledgeable source of AC maintenance services. Whatever your needs, whether it’s a simple repair or full replacement, trust the labor to us and you’ll see how much we care about what we do. We can tackle any job with utmost care and respect for your home. If you need central air conditioning repair service, Cool Masters is your best bet.


Installation Experts

If you need air conditioning installation, we will provide our expert advice so you can have the best system for your home and needs. Our proven experience means you can trust our expertise in making recommendations that are best suited for your space. We’re fully committed to your complete satisfaction with our services and products, so you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands when you need commercial air conditioning repair. If you need fast and efficient AC repair, give us a call today! We’re happy to serve you.


Maximum Efficiency For Your Home

Contact Cool Masters to conduct a home comfort analysis and perform a “load calculation” to determine the capacity and capabilities of your current system, and what could be done to improve it. Matching the right system ensures rooms are evenly cooled. The size of your home or business and expected use factor into which type of system is best for you. Split systems are ideal for smaller homes or cooling just a couple of rooms. Air conditioning systems come in a various sizes including mini-splits which are appropriate if you only have one room that isn't serviced by a larger system. Our trained specialists can recommend the type and size system for maximum efficiency and energy savings.

If you have any questions regarding our products or would like more information, please contact us:


Air Conditioners

Air Conditioning systems help families feel more comfortable and breathe easier in their homes. We recommend high-quality, trouble-free products and systems that families and businesses can rely on year after year.

Heat Pumps

A heat pump will cool your home in the summer, as well as, heat your home in the winter.

Air Handlers

Air Handlers circulate and condition the air. It will vary its speed to maintain the air in your home depending on the heating and cooling needs. Air handlers give a steady level of comfort and saves energy as well.

Air Quality

Did you know? The average home is up to 5% more polluted indoors than outdoors!









What We Offer...

  • Free estimates on replacement
  • Award-winning service
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • 30 day warranty
  • Preventative Maintenance Agreements
  • Free second opinion
  • Lifetime parts and labor warranty available
  • and a whole lot more!



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