HVAC Diagnostics

It’s a typical Atlanta summer and your air conditioner is on the fritz. It gets awfully hot in Suwanee, GA making air conditioners a necessity. Unfortunately, your house is much hotter than it should be and the power bills are unusually high. After a visit from a local AC repair company, cool air once again fills your home. However, despite the work of the technician, the power bills remain higher than normal. If this scenario sounds familiar, you may be in need of an HVAC diagnostic test.

Whether you know it or not, your HVAC equipment may not be running at optimum performance. Many homeowners experience high power bills, particularly in the summer or winter, due to problems with a furnace or air conditioner. Some technicians who work for subpar companies simply assume that because your equipment is heating or cooling your home, it must be working. While it may be performing its job, there is a chance that it is not running efficiently. Our Gwinnett heating and AC specialists perform diagnostic tests to reveal any hidden problems you may not be aware of. These tests can catch a variety of glitches that can save you hundreds of dollars every year.

The average homeowner doesn’t fully understand heating and cooling equipment. Regular maintenance and diagnostic tests are important to keep your units running properly. If there is an issue with your equipment, these tests can catch it before it develops into a major problem which can cost much more than a visit from one of our technicians. The better care you take of your furnaces and air conditioners, the longer they will last.

If you live in the Suwanee GA, or Gwinnett County area and suspect you may be in need of some HVAC repairs, contact the professionals at Cool Masters Heating and Air Conditioning. We are here to ensure that you get your money’s worth out of your equipment all year long.


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