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Should You Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioner?

Posted in Cooling on June 6, 2018

If you have an air conditioner that always needs repairs or maybe even breaks down completely, it’s time to decide if paying for repairs is a better option than replacing the entire unit. While the replacement cost is much higher up front, it can pay off over time in saved energy costs. If you’re not sure whether an A/C replacement or air conditioning repair service in Johns Creek, GA, is right for you, ask yourself these questions.

How Old Is Your Air Conditioner?

If you’ve had issues with your air conditioner and it’s between 10-15 years old, it’s time to think about replacing it. Not only has it already outlasted its expected lifespan, but newer models are much more energy efficient than models from even 10 years ago. You’ll notice the savings right away in your monthly energy bills.

How Much Do You Pay Each Month to Keep Your A/C Running?

Look at the records from the past several years of your utility bills and see if you notice a recent significant increase. This increase in utility costs can indicate your air conditioner is not running efficiently and has to overwork itself to maintain the proper temperature in your home.

You should also consider how much you’ve had to pay for repairs in the last year. If your energy bills haven’t increased much and you’ve only needed a minor repair or two, a complete replacement may not be necessary right away. As long as you find a reputable company who does air conditioning repair service in Johns Creek, GA, when repair needs to arise, you’ll be able to milk a few more good years from your air conditioner.

If you’ve had to pay a significant amount in repair costs or have paid for small repairs many times, it won’t hurt to get a free estimate on a replacement unit. Many companies even offer financing options on replacements to fit any budget.

Do You Plan on Staying in Your Home Long-Term?

If you plan on selling your house soon and your A/C isn’t older than 10 years, pay for repairs instead of replacing. If your A/C is older than 10 years, however, replacing it can make your home much more marketable.

If you plan to stay in your home, follow the 5,000 rule. Multiply the age in years of your A/C by the cost of the repair. If it exceeds $5,000, replace the unit. If it’s under that, enlist a reputable company for AC repair in Johns Creek, GA.

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